Policing in the digital society

15 November 2023 - 17 November 2023
Police Academy

This conference was formerly known as 'Nordic Cybercrime Conference'. 

Where: The conference will be held at the Police academy in Apeldoorn NL. The event will be a three-day conference offering a programme of presentations and debates. 

Target group: The conference is for academics and practitioners with an interest in policing in the digital society. The conference is multidisciplinary in character and we welcome interested parties from a range of disciplinary backgrounds. After all, questions related to the above-mentioned field almost always require a multidisciplinary approach to really understand what is going on and to reach workable solutions.

PHD students: In keeping with the tradition of the conference we very much welcome presentations from PhD-students.

Goal: The goal of the conference is to deepen the participants understanding of policing in a digital society by stimulating the exchange of knowledge and facilitating discussion of the issues at hand. Moreover, the goal is to strengthen the participants’ academic and professional networks, building on those previously established through the Nordic Cybercrime Conference.

Main topics: The conference will deal with a range of issues related to policing in the digital society, such as cybercrime, digital forensics, predictive policing and AI, social media and public order disturbances, and cyber resilience of citizens and companies. The overarching theme of the conference is ‘legal and ethical issues’.

Market stands: The conference offers organizations or networks the option of having a "market stand" in the conference venue. 

Conference proceedings: The conference will deliver an conference proceedings volume. Anyone interested in publishing in this edited volume is welcome to submit an article.

Time schedule: Please be aware of the following deadlines: 

− Submitting an Article for Edited Volume, no later than December 24th.